Thursday, September 16, 2004

Sin City Chapter Three: Gettin' The Hook Up

Contrary to all misconceptions, television is not a glamorous industry.

Most folks (especially the ones who work behind the scenes) make many sacrifices to put stuff on the boob tube. My biggest sacrifice thus far is one of a financial nature... I'm ghetto poor and my credit rating is practically criminal... all because of the paltry pay scale this business operates on.

So whenever the opportunity comes along to snag a little perk, a sister's gotta take it.

Some careers come with fancy expense accounts and even more outlandish training seminar dinners. Other folks get to jet set around the globe for work, taking snapshots of their visits to Belgium, Bermuda and Burma.

TV folks get free access to places regular people either can't see... or have to shell out to visit.

This includes cool clubs in Las Vegas with velvet ropes... standing just beyond a line of sparkly girls and buff guys, just panting to get beyond.

I called up a few spots and tossed out my tv station call letters, saying I would be joined by two colleagues for a research visit in Las Vegas. Our party would be interested in the fun spots enjoyed by single girls, and we would not be bringing a camera with us, for this was purely a "research visit."


We researched, alright.

We checked out the hot guys on the dance floor, the wacky fashions the folks are wearing in Vegas, we even had an obligation to enjoy a round of comped champagne (or in my case Red Bull and Cranberry), for research, of course.

Some folks say nothing is free in life... but I would say those comps were pretty damn close. Besides, a wise man once said "You can't always get what you want, you get what you need (oh baby)".

Sometimes God gives you a little boost to let you live a little, and that's okay. Enjoy it, because it doesn't come around often.

Which brings me to, of course, my next topic.
What He giveth, he taketh away as well.
I'll talk about that more in Sin City Chapter Four: Learning when to say No.

It has nothing to do with sex, drugs or rock & roll!

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