Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I'm Having A Baby... Vicariously

One of my dearest friends, Lady G., just told me she's having a baby girl.

My synapses immediately spiraled into sugar plum thoughts of pretty hairbows, dresses with petticoats, little pantaloons covered with ruffles on the bum, and pink monograms galore.

I literally squealed out loud when she told me. My coworkers probably thought I was having a pig roast in my corner of the newsroom.

I am so anxious for that period in my life when I get to have children. It's really quite a blessing I don't think God is ready to give me, probably because I'm not ready, myself.

But until that time, I will shower all my affection and cravings to buy baby clothes on my friends' children.

And as the wonderful Aunt Kate, I get to hug and hold a baby as much as I want. And when she starts throwing up pea soup or screeches a high decibel scream, I get to hand her back to Mommy :)


Michael Hickerson said...

Being an aunt or an uncle is one of the true blessings in life. I love being uncle to my best friend's two kids and my sister and brother-in-law's two children. In fact, last night when my niece found out I'd broke my finger, she wanted to know if I needed her "boo boo bunny" (it's a bunny you put in the freezer to put on bumps and bruises) and she wanted to kiss my finger to make it better. And my nephew is learning to walk and loves his Uncle Michael to come over and play with him. So, while I'm not in a place where I am blessed with kids of my own yet, I have these four to spoil and love. I hope you enjoy being an aunt. It's so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kate the Great,
This is Lady G, and I just read you're beautiful email. I'm so glad that you are as thrilled as I to spoil this unborn bundle of joy. You are a true friend and always will be. She will be blessed to call you aunt Katy. This is the first time I've read your postings and am so glad I'm taking the time. You are quite the writer, of course I always knew that. You should consider jotting down some ideas for a book. You're very easy to follow and would make for a great author.