Friday, September 03, 2004

Reading by candlelight

I spent last night bathed in candlelight.

The glowing flame flickered and shined in my tiny Main Street apartment, a cozy little evening with my books and nothing but peace and quiet.

The clocks stopped, I was saved from slaving away at the stove and the television did not distract my serenity. Last night I was rescued from the trappings of modern day convenience.

All because I forgot to pay my utility bill.

Okay. So it wasn't all wine and roses.

I hated that the stuff in the freezer was defrosting. I was pissed off that I didn't get to see the last night of the GOP convention (although did I REALLY miss much?)

Mostly, I was worried I wouldn't wake up in the morning on time, what with my alarm clock all blanked out. Last night I would have been happy with the constant flashing of 12:00, but alas, my irresponsibility got the best of me.

These little moments happen to every one of us. A less than ideal situation crops up that can put a real kink in your disposition; but it's not so much what happens, but what you do with it once it happens that matters.

I decided to suck it up and spend the night in the dark.

I lit the few candles I had in my apartment and quickly realized I should have a few more on hand, just in case. Luckilly it's the tail end of summer, with its mild temperatures, otherwise I would have really missed my air conditioning. But it wasn't hot, so I hibernated comfortably for one night, alone with my travel guide to Vegas.

And therein lies the great irony. Here I am planning a trip to Sin City, and yet I can't pay my utility bill.

Vegas Trip Update: I got my ticket, thanks to nine years of hoarding my frequent flyer miles.

I finagled some VIP passes for myself and my friends to a hip club out there... and the manager just emailed to tell me Paul Oakenfold will be spinning that night!!

Oh my starry eyed surprise, sundown to sunrise, I dance all night, we're gonna dance all night, dance all night to this DJ.

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