Thursday, September 02, 2004

Procrastination Gets The Best Of Me

Anyone With Some Tips for A Party Girl Bound For Vegas?

Okay. I plead guilty to last minute planning. I am horrible when it comes to thinking ahead... even where vacations are concerned.

Now I am stuck with a dilemma: Miss out on Friday night in Vegas... or sell my first born for a flight out Friday evening.

I've searched all the websites. Expedia. Hotwire. Orbitz. Been there. Priceline & Cheaptickets, been there, too. I've scanned the US Airways, Delta and United websites as well.

The tickets are all checking in at around $280, and that's on the cheap side. Some folks might scoff at that price as pocket change, but not the girl who ate ramen noodles for dinner two nights ago.

Everyone told me flights to Vegas would be cheap. "Oh honey, the casinos want your cash... so you can get to Vegas on a song."

Since when did a song cost around 300 bucks? What is this, a Streisand concert?

I may have to delay my decadence by one night and fly out Saturday morning. What a bummer... but when a girl's gotta party, a girl's gotta party.

1 comment:

Michael Hickerson said...

Just think of all the money you won't lose by not being in Vegas during that time. LOL

Seriously...have a safe, relaxing trip.