Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Don't Waste "The Pretty"

A good girlfriend at work told me I needed to get this book.

She says it would help me wade through the crap girls go through with guys, and realize that sometimes... he's just not into you.

The book apparently has a section where it focuses on how a woman shouldn't waste "the pretty."

Which makes a lot of sense, if you think about it.

It's stupid to waste all those hours in the gym, all that time primping in the mirror with your flat iron and eyelash curler, all that money on your natural looking highlights, for a guy who wants to use your body like its a carnival ride. Women are always investing a lot of money and time to maintain a stunning appearance, unfortunately they end up attracting men who are interested in a night, instead of a life together.

I, for one, have wasted "the pretty" on guys who weren't worth it, the guys who can't appreciate or respect the person I am... the same guys who take notice of my 38 DDs before they notice my aptitude.

As hard as it is to be swayed by meaningless flattery and empty kisses, a girl needs to stand strong and remember what's at stake. If she holds out for the real thing, a real man who can appreciate everything she has to offer... then he'll be doubly rewarded... with "the pretty" as a secondary prize to her more priceless rewards, like integrity, intelligence and class.


Micah said...

I waste the pretty all the time! Well, not really, since the pretty doesn't factor into my role as the Platonic Friend. And I'm a dude. What do we waste? Cash?

Unknown said...

They have to be to the point of begging and crying before they even get near "the pretty"...

Kate The Great said...

KJ... I always knew you were a tough cookie! I need to take notes from you and act like I just don't care... It seems to drive men wild when the sense a woman really isn't interested.