Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My Twin, President Bush, And My Net Worth Of Over $6M

I just found out today that I'm worth over six million dollars.

More about that later.

But first, I want to talk about The Oscars. Oh, if there's one man you can count on for entertainment, glamour and an all-out bash, it's that little guy made of gold.

Nominations were announced today for the 77th Academy Awards (February 27th on ABC @ 8:00 PM).

So far, The Aviator racked up the most nods... with a hefty eleven including one for best picture. Million Dollar Baby and Finding Neverland each faired well, with five nominations a piece.

I, for one, am pulling for my twin Kate Winslet, who was nominated for best actress.

K.W. in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Photo courstesy of oscar.com)

My mother insists she sees a resemblance

President Bush has a nomination of his own to cheer on.

The Commander In Chief was nominated for a Razzie award. He goes up against Ben Affleck in the Worst Actor category, for Jersey Girl and Fahrenheit 9-11, respectively.

I'm pulling for Bush on this one.

Now, about the money.

Well. I've long told people that I am in fact an heir to the Folger coffee fortune. As nice as that sounds, unfortunately it's not true (though I'd be happy to marry in to the family, so any single Folger men, please feel free to drop me an email at katesrandommusings@yahoo.com).

I am however, very, very rich in the HSX world.

"HSX?", you ask? "Is that some kind of fancy railroad company?" No. I haven't seen that one on any of the Monopoly properties.

HSX is short for the Hollywood Stock Exchange. It's a veritable fantasy football, Hollywood style, where you buy and sell your favorite stars and movie projects. They set you up with two million dollars in HSX money and let you run buck wild (and naked if you want to) while picking shares, stocks and options.

I started, oh, about a year ago and have amassed a nice little fortune (at last check $6,031,541.44), thanks to some good speculating on Shrek 2, Fahrenheit 9-11 and The Passion of the Christ. It's a fun little game to estimate which flicks/stars you think are going to do well or which ones are going to bomb. You can also pick up Movie Funds, which group like movies together like a Mutual Fund, The Disney Studio Fund or The Comeback Fund, for example.

Right now my holdings include 11,005 shares of the upcoming Charlie & The Chocolate Factory remake (the original is one of my all time favorites). I bought the shares at just over $124 and they're running right now at around $128. I'm betting this one will skyrocket by July, though.

Image courtesy of HSX.com

For those of you looking for a sugar mama, sorry to burst your bubble. I haven't quite yet figured out a way to cash out my HSX stocks, so the sweetest thing about me is probably my KY Derby Pie recipe ;)


spydrz said...

Hmmm. Interesting. Winslet used to be one of my favorite actresses. But I haven't seen her in anything recently.

Micah said...

P'shaw! That's nothing. Currently, I'm worth $18,894,678.06. Of course, I've been playing for years. I was pretty avid when I first started and then plumb forgot about it. Then, about a year or so ago, I saw someone mention it on a message board and got lured back in. I can't believe that I remembered my password.

Some of my biggest coups were bought when I first started. "Aliens vs. Predator" and "Freddie vs. Jason" each cost me a buck or two per share. Then BOOM! Right now, my biggest is "Superman Returns." I bought it at $3.63 per share and now it is at $147.36. Granted, a lot of my cheap stocks are busts.

Unknown said...

Have you seen the previews for "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?

My boy Johnny looks scary as all get out. Like give me nightmares scary...

Kate The Great said...

KJ... I hear it's a really dark comedy. I'm kind of freaked out about the whole thing because the original is on my top five of favorite movies... I hope the remake doesn't ruin it for me.

As for your Johnny Depp (who is by the way a fine Kentucky boy), he's come a long way since Scissorhands, hasn't he?

Haven't seen Finding Neverland yet, loved him in Chocolat...