Monday, January 31, 2005

Temporary Sensory Overload

We apologize for a recent break in regular blog posting at My Random Musings. All circuits are currently busy while Kate struggles with a bout of Temporary Sensory Overload.

This latest technical difficulty has been brought on by the recent development of a real-life boyfriend.

Kate is truly sorry and will attempt to resume regular blogging (sometime later today!) after her internal system comes to terms with the magnitude of this recent development.

My Random Musings Technical Support


spydrz said...

Have you picked out the china yet?

Micah said...

I get to be Best Man (or Maid of Honor)! I throw a kick-ass bachelor party.

Kate The Great said...

Spydrz, you know me so well! He's a GA bulldog and I'm a KY wildcat... so I'd like to do something with red and blue in it (just kidding.)

And Micah, the MOH position is already spoken for (what with me having two sisters and all) but you can definitely be the master of ceremonies. That would give the extravaganza the perfect touch, don't you think? Someone to keep the party rolling...

spydrz said...

You just have to find some with UGA all over. Nothing like a bulldog with a hat to make for some classy dinnerware.