Sunday, January 23, 2005

So, You Wanna Take Some Pictures?

This is my "You Caught Me Off Guard In A Pensive State" Expression

The thing about a camera (or, in this case, a camera phone) and living alone is, you really don't have many subjects to work with.

I decided this week to caugh up the cash for a new cell phone, seeing as my old one was practically archaic at three years old, complete with the battle scars of a cracked, black and white, low-def screen (and tons of super glue holding together the right hinge).

Queen-of-bells-and-whistles, I'm not. But I reconciled that, if I was going to drop the cha-ching equal to half the rent on the phone, it was gonna come tricked out.

The gal at the Sprint store saw my old, little ghetto phone and the new one I had picked out, and was like, "Kate, welcome to the 21st century."

I can now keep a schedule, play games, send text messages and, for the amusement of all, take pictures.

Over the past two days I've stockpiled a nice little collection of images of yours truly, all in various stages of life and fashion (though nothing racy, so don't even ask!) I feel kind of vain taking all these little snapshots of myself, but I feel even more vain deleting the ones that make me look bad, "Well, THAT one shows off my double chin, and that one caught the pimple on my cheek... and that one... OH! it makes me look like a hag."

I am rather fond of the one at the top. The nice sepia setting has a way of concealing the fact I hadn't washed my hair in, oh, about three days (a hot date, a grueling day of work, and 10 hours of babysitting two little monkeys all got in the way).

Here's one of me in the infamous Pink Wig.

Call Me Lola

Gosh, there's something about that wig that makes me feel like an international spy gal. And, no, I don't normally pout my lips like that, it's just something that comes along with the Pink Wig territory.

Anyway. Enough about me. Now it's all about you.

Now that I have this technological capability, I'm opening the floor to requests (Lord, have mercy). If there's something in particular you're curious about in regards to my corner of the world, drop me a shout out and I'll try to snap it.

Don't know if I can get an up-close-and-personal picture of Tubby Smith or any of the fine ladies at Solid Platinum, but other than that, I'm pretty game.

Let the melee begin.


Micah said...

No racy photos? Hmmm. Can't think of anything else that I'd like to see.

The camera on my phone was fun at first and then the gimmick wore off. I do like having pictures come up as caller ID, though.

spydrz said...

No pics from the job? The talent at the TV station?

Kate The Great said...

All the racy pics I have will turn up, I'm sure, some day when my husband runs for president.

Hmm. Pics of me at work and of the talent. This is something I can work on... only posting ones of my friends though... nothing of the ones I'd like to vote off the island.

KTK said...

Cute pics!

Great blog too, keep up the good work!