Monday, January 24, 2005

The Dry, Dog Days of Winter

I don't know about you, but my face has a way of flaking just about as much as puff pastry this time of year.

It kind of reminds me of that scene in The Breakfast Club when Ally Sheedy draws a nice, pastoral scene in pencil... and then proceeds to massage her scalp so all her dandruff falls like little snow flakes on the page.


Almost as gross are the little peels of skin coming off the end of my nose and between my not-as-tweezed-as-they-used-to-be eyebrows.

I'm not as much of a Girly Girl as some folks would lead you to believe. If there's one thing I am more than high maintenance, it's lazy. Not as in so lazy I'd rather lay in bed than do something fun with a friend... more like so lazy I'd rather lay in bed than scrub the bathroom floor.

Ditto for scrubbing my face.

Lately though, I've really taken a liking (as have my pours) to Pond's Cold Cream. I know this creamy creation has been around since the dawn of time, but it's easy for a gal to be distracted by the plethora of scrubs, cleansers, tonics, soaps and foams out there in the grocery store. Same goes for the cosmetics counters at the department store.

I've been using PCC for about three months now, and it's really stood up to the challenge. Makeup, waterproof mascara and very resistant lipstick are rendered powerless by the Pond's. And it gets a gold star for working without the use of water, which can add commotion to a process you'd like to streamline when very, very tired after a night of barhopping.

PCC has helped me come up with a nice 'lil facewashing routine like all the other girls. The dryness of the season requires me to top it off with some Oil of Olay for daytime... Dove's Night Cream at... night.

Now I don't feel like as much of a slacker, though I probably don't paint my toenails nearly as often as my female counterparts.

Such a slave to beauty, am I.

Tell me, I'm dying to hear of any sure-bet, secret, primping ritual you may have.

Go ahead, we're listening ;)


Micah said...

I'm not a metro or anything (after all, what self-respecting metrosexual would be caught dead in Old Navy clothes?), but every few days I use Clean & Clear cleanser on my face. Don't know if it does anything, but boy do I like the fresh feeling.

Kate The Great said...

Old Navy ROCKS!

That's actually where I got my infamous blue velvet pants... the ones I like to dance around in?

It's basically a poor man's Banana Republic or GAP, and that's why I LOVE it.

And don't let those metros fool you, Micah. Many are masquerading in O.N. and I bet even (gasp) Wal-Mart.