Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ten Dollar Drunk

My blog friend Micah inspired an interesting conversation with his most recent post.

It got me thinking about a good question once posed on a message board I used to read eons ago: What's the best bottle of wine you can buy for 10 bucks or less?

I've always been a fan of the Aussie Yellow Tail. I've had a few others, but right now their names escape me.

So. Now I turn the floor over to you. Oh, and by the way, please don't mention Boones, Mad Dog 20/20 or Franzia. I'm looking for suggestions that may impart a little class!


Micah said...

Kinda funny how a discussion about the Oscar nominations devolved (or evolved) into one about wine.

I'm the last person that you'd want to give advice about wine, but I agree with you on the Yellow Tail. I also bought a bottle a month ago simply because of the name: Fat Bastard. It's actually pretty good and have bought a few more bottles of it since then.

Micah said...


spydrz said...

Louis Junot red table wine, 1.5L bottle, usually about $7 at Sams/Costco. Not bad for imported French wine.

Kate The Great said...

KRON in San Francisco caught up with an expert who recommends the following:

The 2000 Santa Rita Cabernet from Chile for $6
The 2001 Geyser Peak Sauvingon Blanc at $10
A 2000 French wine Les Jamelles Merlot at $6
The 2000 Beringer Chenin Blanc
The 2000 BV Coastal Zinfandel at $8
The 2000 Rosemount Shiraz diamond label at $11.

One of my old, way back reporter friends went on to work @ KRON (and is now in LA)... and spoke very highly of the product (news, that is) there, so I'm guessing we can bank on their vino suggestions.

Vertical Man said...

Anything from California's Bogle Vinyards. In our market (Chicago) they're priced right at or slightly above $10. Try their Merlot, Syrah or Old Vines Zin.

Nancy Cunningham said...

good wines under 10 bucks--you have hit my SUPER FUN BUTTON! i too love the yellow tail, esp. the shiraz, but have been trying out some new things. black opal shiraz and black opal merlot are both KILLER, and i've recently stumbled upon a large variety of new stuff from south america--namely chile-- for wicked cheap that tastes great. i'm one of those "i always forget to write down the name of it" folks, so if i can get more details, i'll let you know. also, one of the best bottles i ever drank was a portugese table wine called "periquita." the bottle i tried was a gift from my wine-salesman uncle in the northeast, and i haven't been able to find it anywhere since. it's le'tasty!