Friday, January 14, 2005

A Holiday Party? In January?

Call it the Christmas Party that's three weeks too late.

Our company decided to have its holiday party Saturday January 15th, meaning we get to prolong the festivities well into the new year.

Well, yippee skippy.

I had long considered boycotting the fete, since my days at the television station are numbered. Then the monthly company newsletter came out, mentioning there would be door prizes involved, including a HD compatible television. Not wanting to pass up a chance to win a free tee vee (and deciding I was going to take these mother effers for all they're worth) my desk partner and I decided we'd go together.

His girlfriend lives up the road in Cincy and won't be able to go to the party because of her work schedule. My boyfriend won't be able to come because of his... Oh yeah. I don't have a boyfriend.

Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to get all dolled up and eat some good food and have a fab time with the folks here. Besides, it's the "little people" around the station that I like. The big people with the big jobs and the big paychecks, they're another story.

My outfit is almost nailed down for the big event. Seeing as my co-worker ex-boyfriend (ugh.. thank goodness we're on opposite schedules) and his prego wife (read: shotgun wedding)will be there, I've got to make sure I look nice. I always strive to make an impression at these types of gatherings, but his attendance is an added incentive (is this normal behavior for an ex?)

I'm wavering between the infamous, always safe and fabulous looking blue velvet pants and a nice pair of gray slacks I have. I set out yesterday for the local mallopolis and found a really great top on sale at The Limited. 15 bucks for this sleek black shirt... it's kind of loose and drapey around the neckline, and is cut so it shows off my collarbones and the skin on my chest between my neck and breasts. I don't know if the description does it justice, but needless to say it's very dramatic yet not tacky.

My sister got me this great necklace for Christmas... it's a red beaded thing about choker length with a gorgeous red beaded flower hanging from the center. It's stunning, and it's from the big ATL so it's got to be cool, right? She also gave me a cute red clutch bag from Ann Taylor that I'll take along.

I'm kind of looking forward to the party. It'll be a nice little "last blast" before I part ways with a company I started working at 6 years ago.

(Oh by the way, did I mention a reporter with whom I work has asked none other than the Kentucky Bachelorette Contestant to be her date to our company party? She interviewed him for a piece to preview the show Monday, and proceeded to ask him out. Conflict of interest? Anyway, it should prove for an interesting time, and I'm sure I'll have some good stories Sunday.)


Micah said...

And then after the party you're going to torch the building, right? When I said "blaze of glory," I meant it literally.

spydrz said...

Oh, you dated at work? I made that mistake once, too...

Micah said...

NEVER shit where you eat. Or dip your pen in the company ink, for a less fecal way of putting it.

Pink Poppy said...

Oh, you should DEFINITELY go to the party. Yes, looking fiercely hot, of course. And thank goodness the party is now. Remember the shape you were in three weeks ago? Yeah. MUCH better timing. And doorprizes? Yep. It's a must....