Thursday, January 06, 2005

Something's Rotten In The Cabbage Patch

A little girl is pissed off because of what her doll's birth cirtificate says.

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The doll's maker says it was a random choice by the computer.

You be the judge!


spydrz said...

I didn't know those dolls were still made. They're soooo 1982.

alexis said...

I loved loved my cabbage patch kid growing up. I was so sad the first Christmas they came out because everyone in my class had gotten a real one and I got a cheap imitation. No adoption papers or anything. :(

Anyway, found your site through my link referrals. Love the site and have added you to my blogroll. I'll be back! :)

Michael Hickerson said...

My niece got a CPK for Christmas and loves her..but her CBK is named Lynette, not some name from an Austin Powers movie...LOL

Pink Poppy said...

Hmmm...Random? I. Don't. Think. So.

Michele said...

Oh my. How unfortunate. Of course that doll 9and certificate) will now be worth a significant amount of money if placed on eBay.

Still. Poor child.

Kristen said...

Still, this is a hell of a lot better than the dolls that were supposed to "eat" play food and ended up eating a couple of little girls' hair almost to the scalping point a few years ago.

And I believe they too were Cabbage Patch!

Kristen said...

..."the notorious Snacktime models which were withdrawn following complaints that the dolls had tried to eat childrens hair!" (

Yup. Damned Cabbage Patch Kids.