Friday, January 14, 2005

Lunch Buffet

From Friday's Feast

If you could have a free subscription to any online service, which would you like to have?
Hmm. Online service? I guess it would be a free subscription to a service that allows you to download music (providing I actually owned a computer at home)

Describe your bathroom (furnishings, colors, etc.).
The walls are your standard beige (save for one wall, which is painted a bright peach, with a kind of traditional, blue marbelized border. Neither are my choice.) My towels are blue, and I have really cute hand towels from Pottery Barn that say "wash" and "dry" on them.

What does the shape of a triangle make you think of?
Prior to the whole Pink Triangle gay rights thing, I guess I would have probably listed Triangle Park, in downtown Lexington.

Main Course
Name 3 things or activities that you consider to be luxuries.
-truly exquisite food (both in preparation and presentation)
-Spare time

What was the last really great movie you watched?
Hmm. Great in a funny sense: Meet The Fockers
Great in a "Gee, that makes me think," sense: American Beauty. I could watch that one over and over.

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