Friday, January 28, 2005

I am such a scmuck

Wow. I feel really bad right now.

The trouble with blogging is that sometimes you don't have the adequate time to devote to read the incredible writing out there in internet space. Sometimes you just point and click your way quickly through the vast litany of blogs listed on the Blog Rolls, hoping to catch a glimpse of something that makes you feel. The trouble is, if you do it quickly, you're probably not going to be caught by something, sometimes you've got to give a blog time to evoke something inside you.

Today I blog hopped on this post, only kind of skimming the pictures and the story. It was a stunning collection of photography with a great looking model. I started skimming the story, which unfortunately I didn't pay more attention to because of the distractions of work. I went on to post in my comment about how I had a bit of a headache and was trying to do some work stuff, apologizing for my brief post.

I went back and read the entry again and felt like such an asshole. Here this man wrote a truly touching story about his dying father, and I had to comment about my hangover. So shitty of me.

I hereby swear to pay more attention to the blogs I'm actually visiting. No more speed reading the fabulous material that you all are putting out there.

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Micah said...

Well, your comments on my blog are usually petty and self-centered. Here I am posting about weighty matters such as Mandonna and watching "24," and you just make gratuitous comments.