Monday, November 06, 2006

Blue Monday

It's that time of year where we're all just too damn busy.

It's 4 am eastern time on Monday morning and I know that I, for one, already feel like a hamster on a wheel.

If you saw my calendar for this week, you'd understand.

The train of commitment rolled out of the station Friday and it's chucking along hard core until Sunday.

Friday Nov 3- Derf Happy Hour (Yes, I drank too much. No, I don't regret it.)

Saturday - Bachelor Party. Yes, bachelor party - with a bunch of guys I didn't know. there was discussion of four of us getting in the massive bathtub in the Belterra hotel room, but Big Blue Blood and I decided to leave after dinner, which was well before anything hairy would have happened.

Sunday - Volunteered at the Aronoff for the ballet. Basically I got to sell a bunch of little girls frilly things like pink ballet tutus and fancy satin slippers signed by the performer starring in Giselle. The production was beautiful, but I can appreciate how ballet can be tough for some people who like a little, uh, sizzle with their steak.

Monday and Tuesday - I have Junior League meetings both nights this week. Add on top of that the fact that I'll have to come in to work at midnight Tuesday and Wednesday - and that means KtG will be one tired girl this week. Also Tuesday - It's Election Day. Get out and vote, no matter who you cast your ballot for. Typically only 45% of Americans turn out for Presidential and Congressional elections - how sad considering we're supposed to be the global symbol of democracy.

Wednesday - I've got plans for dinner with some friends at a somewhat new restaurant at the Levee. I'm all about trying something different, and grabbing a bite to eat will be a good break from the cavalcade of commitments this week.

Thursday - Dammit. The Green Party. I totally forgot I sounded the battle cry on this one. And I'm even wearing one of my two green shirts as I write this. Oh well, guess I'll have to break out the antique PBR kermit green shirt...

Friday - Tastefully Simple party. BYOB. Bottle of Charles Shaw? Check.

Saturday - Game night in Anderson Twp!
I may take an AM trip down to old Lex Vegas for a tailgating event celebrating UK's match up against Vandy. (PS to my Wildcat fans - can y'all believe Big Blue beat Georgia?!! Damn, I wish I could have been down there for that routing.)

I think I'll be scheduling some R and R on Sunday. Don't call. Don't come over. I'll be hiding out under my comforter with a movie and a Freshetta pizza.

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Denae said...

i miss the lazy sunday brunch in our pjs around 1pm and then back to the couch to watch chick flicks. we'll have to schedule that for december...