Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's almost here...

T ryptophan excuse to avoid the family.

H ungry Man dinner for those who can't cook.

A rguments over who gets the wishbone.

N neighborhood bar that offers an escape from too much togetherness.

K razy ass arguments over the wishbone.

S tuffing. Sweet potatoes. Sweet decadence for dessert.

G everztraminer - the kind of white wine my family drinks with turkey.

I ngenious creation that is the Turkey Pop Up Button.

V olunteering (or not volunteering) to clear the table.

I gnoring Aunt Ethel when she asks you to wipe the mashed potatoes off her mouth.

N FL. Miami vs. Detroit on CBS.

G luttonous exhaustion.

1 comment:

Denae said...

honey, where are you? you're not still sleeping off the turkey are you???