Thursday, November 16, 2006

First Date

I don't even know him and I am already nervous. The kind of nervous where I can't eat - which is pretty damn miraculous considering I am always ready to eat.

Nervous and yet surprised because I kind of don't care. I mean, not in him as a person because I try to have a general respect and interest in all of humanity, more like an I don't care in the way that this feels like number 57621 in a long list of first dates. A first date - blind date.

Oh, what a doozy.

OMG. Swirling in my head: will I be wearing the right outfit? Is this guy going to be something completely different from what he says he is over the phone?

Do I need to go to the bathroom right now? How about if I take a Valium?

Do I even know anybody with Valium?

And why does there have to be all this hype over a first date in modern 21st century Western World culture?

Right now I'm torn between downing a glass of merlot (Miles, lots of people actually like merlot) and half assing it and swaggering in to our particular meeting spot with my ripped up jeans and my red glasses on. Because some people think girls in glasses are cute, right?

And for all my pent up tension, all my nervous anticipation - I realize I am in a wholly unoriginal situation. Practically everybody and their mother has been on a first date. And congrats to that mother because obviously she was successful with her first date (but hopefully not *too* successful, because that would make an awful Lifetime movie starring Tracey Gold).

Everyone's been on a first date. That doesn't make it any less freaking scary.



Me! said...

I'm great at first dates. It's the 2nd ones that screw with my head. And that one is tomorrow night.

Hell, I missed the Office and Grey's Anatomy tonight in order to go shopping for 2nd date attire. That's bad. And I totally dig the guy. I can't wait for tomorrow. I haven't blogged about it though because I don't want to jinx it.

Jeregano said...

First dates are a VERY nerve wracking experience for me. There is worry about will we find commmon ground for conversation or will it be a strange night filled with uncomfortable silences? Will I be too nervous to get any of my sentences right? Will she be a balding midget (long story)? Will I be a bumbling idiot? What I have always found is that afterwards looking back it was just fine and I have no idea why I was so worked up in the first place. It'll all go fine.

And while some people do like merlot, and I don't know why Miles doesn't, I do have to say that I personally hate it. Too often it takes like musrooms, and I hate mushrooms. Earthy they call it, I say like dirt. ;-) To each their own, I'll stick with good red zins. And there you have Jeregano's two cents

The Notorious N.A.T said...

I'm biting my nails for you! I've been anticipating a first date for about 2 weeks now with someone who I just keep talking to and talking to and talking to on the phone. Ask me out already, sheesh. November is supposed to be the month of love and it's shaping up nicely for me. Maybe it's cause I finally rid someone else from the noise...

Anyway, best of luck. I know exactly what you mean (of course) and To Jeregano - I'm a big fan of the red zin myself - Ravenswood Zin is my recommendation...