Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top Ten For 30

The clock is ticking on my moments as a 20 something. I guess that means I'm going to have to change my profile slogan, right?

There's a tease if I ever heard one. Stay tuned.


Like Nat said on her blog (she is creeping towards 3o as well) my 20s have been exceptionally good. I've accomplished some good things over the past decade and I've confronted several life challenges. Most importantly, I've had so much fun (sometimes too much) experiencing all that life has to offer and I've met some incredible people.

I'm working up a bang up post for my big day (yeah, part of that stay tuned business) but I wanted to leave something behind on my last day of 29.

And what's more appropriate than a Top Ten?

So, this one's for the ladies. A Top Ten of sorts for you to tick down as you spend your days moving towards your own 30th birthday. I'll be honest, I'm not a hundred percent on each factor, but I am certainly trying.

Top Ten Things To Take Care Of Before 30

10. Buy a great pair of black stilettos. Not the cheapies you buy at Target. A fantastic brand with a super sexy heel that makes you feel hot whether you're clomping around the house in your yoga pants and an apron or during a pub crawl across London.

9. Have a good story to tell in your back pocket. I've got tons. You wanna hear about my doing shots of tequila with Woody Harrelson? How about the time I stuck my tongue to a stop sign pole? Have a good, entertaining tale you can tell just about anyone. Nothing too racy. Nothing boring. And it's got to be all about you.

8. You've got to know one recipe you can ace. This is something you will rely on through the years - trust me. Something you can use whether you are whipping up a dish for a new boyfriend or your new in-laws. Something that's simple, impressive and tasty.

7. Nail down a good face regimen. Let's face it, girls. We're not getting any younger. You don't need to spend a fortune to keep wrinkles and pimples at bay (I rely on a system involving Ponds Cold Cream, St. Ives Elastin Face Moisturizer, Vaseline and Oil of Olay. Seriously.) but you DO need to do something to keep your pores clean and your skin moisturized. Do it. I promise, you'll be thanking yourself when you're 50.

6. It's all about the O. I don't care whether you are more of a stick shift/manual girl or someone who likes to drive automatic - you just need to know how to get yourself to O-town, if you know what I mean.

5. Believe in something. Have a cause that drives you crazy with passion. Dedicate your time to a worthwhile cause so that you can make this world a little bit better than it was when you got here.

4. It's in the bank. A sugar daddy isn't going to wave his credit card and make things all better for you when you're 80. Start squirreling some cash away. Set up a 401-K. Pay off your credit card debt. Cut up your credit cards! Buy a house. Save 10% of your paycheck - every paycheck. Chances are, Social Security won't be around when we need it, so it's time to take our retirement plans in our own hands.

3. You've got to work it. I mean, like, at the gym or something. Get out there and move that beautiful body! Whether you're a fan of walking or like to pump hard core iron with the gym bunnies, you've got to take steps to stay healthy so you live a long life.

2. Find and cherish your Soul Sister. Everyone needs one best friend, a touchstone, to help survive the ups and downs this world dishes out. She's probably the first person you call with all your big news and your lousy crises, and she'll be there for you until the day you die.

1. If all else fails, have hope! Optimism and determination are what will get you through anything in life. It's good to have goals and even bigger dreams.

Cheers friends.
I'll see you soon on the other side of 30.



What a fabulous top 10 (I don't think I'd add a thing!!). Welcome to 30. It's fairly fabulous! Oh, and happy birthday!

NB-C said...

Happy Birthday Kate!

30 is not bad...I was actually glad to see my crazy twenties go. My Mom told me that when you are in your 20's you are still trying to figure out who you are and your place in the world...she said your 30's are all about being comfortable in your own skin and running with it.

She said it was the best years of her life.

Cheers to you and welcome to the 30-something club!

Jeregano said...

I have 2 and a half years to get them, so maybe I will think of something before then but I really have no idea what I would do with a pair of stilletos, cheap or otherwise.

The Notorious N.A.T said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Kate!!!!!! I'm so happy that we're finally here - can you believe it! Hope you have a hell of a time in Nashvegas! We'll raise a toast to you tomorrow in Columbus!

Can't wait to hear some good stories!


Me! said...

THIS LIST IS AWESOME KATE! And the optimism is definitely a key in all of this.