Friday, November 17, 2006

Fleeting Synapses

The date was good. Not great, not awful, but good. The conversation flowed, he seemed intelligent and was reasonably attractive.

But I didn't walk away feeling the Wow factor.

That doesn't really bother me - I'd be happy to go out with him again as he appears to be nice and is likely not a serial killer. I don't necessarily think fireworks have to go off at every first date, but it's nice when they do.

I'll keep you posted.
*** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Going to see Casino Royale tonight. Not so sure about the new Blond, James Blond -er- Bond. This is the film that sets up the rest of the movies that have come before it. I will always be a Connery fan. There's something about the accent and his uber-cool confidence.

Clooney would make a great Bond. This new guy, though? I don't know. All I remember him as is the bully son of the Irish mob boss in The Road to Perdition.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***
I've got another volunteering venture this weekend. Tomorrow I'll be spending a few hours making crafts with some children at a local orphanage.

I didn't even know they still had orphanages. It's such an Oliver Please-sir,-can-we-have-some-more? archaic concept. It's hard to believe there are so many children in this world without loving families to call home - and yet I know lots of couples in this world struggle with conceiving their own babies.

I guess these orphanages are better than keeping these children in the heartbreaking, dangerous circumstances that may exist at home.

My understanding is there will be 34 kids tomorrow between the ages of six and 13. We'll be making mini-pumpkin turkeys, Thanksgiving themed hair barrettes and playing games. I'm looking forward to the chance to be silly and creative with some kids who need a little TLC.
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I'm two weeks away from doing away with the 20 something part of my blog description.

It feels so surreal.
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My apartment is a disaster yet again.

The kitchen has recouped a bit since I did some major dish washing a week ago. The living room looks like the scene of a massive closet explosion. Clean clothes all over my couch and love seat, shoes everywhere. A trail of stilettos leading from the front door to the bathroom... a variety of tennis shoes strewn about the floor. An opened suitcase with remnants of a trip I took almost a month ago.

I really need to get my ass in gear if I'm going to be inviting holiday company over starting next week.



Having just turned 30 myself, I can vouch that it ain't that bad. People at least stop giving you the "yeah right" look when you tell them you're 29. Besides it's like starting all over with the ones digit. You're back to 0 now!

Me! said...

I saw Casino Royale tonight (on my 2nd date with the new guy). I LOVED IT. I wasn't sure about Daniel Craig as James Bond, but I really enjoyed him. That torture scene was rough. But you can bet that I'll be getting a screen cap of that scene. And his body and his eyes were amazing!

Denae said...

Ok, darling. You need to send me an email PRONTO with the real details of the date. Who set you up? Kisses, D

Denae said...

Also - check out my friend Alicia's blog. My Dog Owns Me - Linked to mine. She talks about your blog.

Kate The Great said...

LP= yeah. I'm warming up to 30. I have so much to accomplish and I am glad I feel youthful and energetic about all the things I want to do while I'm still care free and the opposite of tied down!

GAC- loved loved loved Daniel Craig. He was hot hot hot. I know what you're saying about the torture scene. And he had a total aura of bad ass... I am smitten.

D- Email on the way.