Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am in control of my own destiny

SO, I almost had a Bridget Jones moment this week.

I told you a little bit about the training meeting I went on Tuesday - the meeting where I learned about networking?

Well, at one point the facilitator was doing an exercise to teach us about how resourceful people are. She asked volunteers to stand up and address the room with a problem in the hopes someone else there would be able to come up with a quick solution.

One of the first volunteers stood up and said she was having a difficult time with a new little dog she got, one of those ankle biter types, and was looking for some kind of help with discipline. Immediately another lady raised her hand and suggested a place called Puppy Kindergarten as a place for getting the little rat dog some instruction.

Another woman said she was in need of an inexpensive, second-hand piano so her kids had something to bang around on. A gal quickly said her mother-in-law was looking to get rid of an old piano and volunteered to exchange numbers at the end of the meeting.

And this was when I was about to have my BJ moment.

How ballsy would it be to stand up in front of a group of 70 women and say something to the effect of "Hi. I'm looking for a husband. Somebody nice and professional. Around the age of 30 or so. Preferably someone who doesn't already have any kids. Someone who's not into wife beating or carousing. I'm a great cook and have an exceptional touch with all things domestic. I am crafty and yet can change my own spare tire. I'm really family oriented but don't intend on giving up my career. Does anybody have a great brother/friend/co-worker who fits the bill?"

I mean, part of me thinks it would be hilarious to actually have stood up and done that. No doubt, I would have been saying what so many other women in that meeting were thinking. But how desperate would I have looked? How pathetic? How needy?

And so that was my almost-Bridget Jones moment. The kind of situation where everyone would be laughing - you just don't know whether they're laughing with you or at you.

That doesn't mean I can't do a little legwork to find my own Prince Charming.

No matter how silly it sounds - for about two years now I've been offering a Finders Fee of sorts for anyone who introduces me to my future husband. Cold hard cash handed over after the vows are exchanged. I've told my co-workers, I've told friends. I have a whole group of friends in Lexington vying for the chance to cash in on my crazy offer, and I've got one friend here in Cincinnati (Big Blue Blood) who is bummed one of her prospects didn't pan out.

The offer still stands for any of you blog readers.

Another new development: I have recently revived my interest in a dating website. As they say, all the kids are doing it, so I've decided I might as well do it, too. Who knows whether it will work. I've pretty much reached the I don't care anymore point, and everyone says that's a good thing because that's supposedly when the magic will happen.

Hey. It's a 44 dollar investment that covers three months. That's cheaper than a gym membership (which, by the way, never turned up a date for me - studly or otherwise).

I'll keep y'all posted.



Me! said...

Knowing the way I operate... I would have done it. It would be my own brand of self depricating humor, with a touch of "I'm serious!". God I totally feel for you. My 30th birthday is right after yours on the 15th of December. (God help me).

I joined the online dating again too. You can fine me on Yahoo Personals and Match. Maybe we'll go on dates with the same men. :-) Now that's dishing the dirt!

Kate The Great said...

GAC- You totally caught me off guard with your new moniker!

Yeah, I was about two heartbeats away from doing it, but I decided against it. I didn't want to be "that" girl that would have completely been referenced by "Oh yeah. She's the girl who was so desperate she stood up and asked 70 women for help in finding a husband."

Yes, 30 is freaky, but I am working up a humdinger of a post that will be unveiled on my birthday on the discovery of my philosophy for the next decade...

Stay tuned!

(I just signed up for the "other" dating service that's out there. You know - the one with the massive personality tests. We'll see...)

t2ed said...

You definitely should have done it.

One, it fits in your marketing plan. Two, completely captive audience. Three, you could have passed it off as a joke. Four, it would have rocked and worked.

Now you'll be stuck waiting for Colin Firth and Hugh Grant to have that slap fight over you.


I loved this! You said what virtually EVERY woman has thought at one time or another. Good stuff!