Friday, November 10, 2006


When was the last time you listened to a cassette tape?

I went to Cin Weekly's Green Party last night and had the pleasure of listening to one of Cincinnati's best and most popular bands, The Rusty Griswolds. They play mostly 80s cover music and it was a real trip down memory lane as they switched from Posion to The Police.

Double Platinum and his lady, MMM

I was totally yanked back to 1985 when I heard the band belt out their own rendition of a Heart song - I think it was "These Dreams" - when I remarked to Double Platinum that Heart was my very first cassette tape. I was in 3rd Grade and remember playing "What About Love" over and over and over. I remember reading the lyrics on the cassette liner trying to figure out what these two sister-chicks were singing about. Probably lying around wearing stirrup pants and shirts totally covered in puffy paint.

And so that made me ponder the last time I listened to a cassette tape, and I really have no idea. Probably while riding in my dad's Volvo station wagon because he's yet to upgrade to CDs in his vehicle.

What was your first cassette tape? Don't you think that little nugget of your life dates you? Maybe just a little bit?

Have a great weekend.

I'll be in Lexington briefly to cheer on UK as they roll over Vanderbilt.

Go Big Blue!


olr said...

George Michael - Faith

I want to say fourth grade-ish, it's a bit fuzzy

I used to make some sa-weet mix tapes!!

Denae said...

My fav was also George Michael - Faith! If my mom was around she´d make me fast forward past the SEX songs. ha. Also had Michael Jackson Beat It.

NB-C said...

Brace was the soundtrack to the movie Breakin'

"There's no stoppin us...No light doesn't matter." I heard the title track on my XM 80's station a few weeks ago and it took me back...was that like 1984?

I remember my first CD too. John Mellencamp's Whenever We Wanted.

Of course I remember listening to Bob Seger's Night Moves and Dolly Parton's Jolene on eight tracks in my mom's fat ass gold Pontiac Grand Prix circa 1977...

Oh the days....

Me! said...

I think I was worse. My parents kept on buying me record albums for like forever. I can't recall my first cassette tape actually. But I THINK it was Guns n Roses' Appetite for Destruction. (which I also had on vinyl).

I almost went to that same event. I should have. My friend Laura is gonna be pissed at me for not going too.