Saturday, July 29, 2006

32 ounces is a big boost

Who knew that losing two pounds could do wonders for my morale?

I'm tweaking things here and there (my temporary sleep schedule is giving me an opportunity to do a few things differently) and it seems to be working.

Perhaps I'll be a hard body in time for my 30th birthday (about four months away, but who's counting?)

Mel Gibson (my newest friend in the DUI Arrest Club. Read this account for a far less flattering report) says pain is the precursor to change.

Maybe he's right.


NB-C said...

Wow...I've been away from the real world for a few days and had no idea Mel Gibson got can they not release his mug shot? It's public record....

Me! said...

When Mel Gibson got busted, he obviously didn't think about what Jesus would do. ;-)

Kate The Great said...

...or that Jesus was a Jew.