Friday, July 28, 2006

I don't want to talk about The Biscuit right now...

... but I will say this:

Romance is a tricky thing.

When it erupts, it draws out feelings and desires that have sat dormant inside someone for so long. All of a sudden, you're overcome by a rush of bouncing synapses - little electrical shocks that touch and tingle every single cell of your being.

Your brain registers a catalog of smells, textures and tastes and chronicles them with a name and a face and a place in time you will never forget in all your life.

To test the water of that thing called romance is pretty much like throwing yourself under the bus. You just pray you're going to survive this most sensual of moments without getting ugly, without feeling too much pain. Without letting a little bit of you die inside.

It's a challenge that can almost literally tear you apart.

Do you sit there, dormant, untouched, unopened to the possibilities of love? Or do you let someone crack open that stone-hard muscled shell around your heart, so hard to protect your very soul?

It's easy to take the safe route. To write things off and go the path you are most in control of. In the safe, smooth waters you can be sure your heart will live to beat another day. But you'll be alone.

If you choose to take a chance then you are gambling on the possibility that you'll discover the most euphoric sense of being. True Love. A state of existence that has the potential to pull out the best two people have to offer in life.

With each new romance, I throw every shred of myself into the thought of what could be.

So far, every new romance has turned into nothing but an old heartbreak. But I'm keeping the hope burning inside, because I know I have so much to offer someone.

And I know someday fate is going to get it right.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

And to that, I will say, "here here."

I feel your pain and I understand.

I love love and I hate love.

Me! said...

It couldn't have been more elequently said if I had written it myself. Hang in there chica.

Kate The Great said...

Nat and GAC- Thanks for the kind words. Us cool chicks need to stick together...