Monday, July 03, 2006

Weekend Update

Margaritas have a way of making a weekend great, don't they?

I discovered a recipe to serve up when some friends met up at my house for an evening out on The Hill. I don't know how likely I will be in sharing my recipe as lots of folks revere their rita concoction as a closely guarded secret.

I might share it after some heavy armtwisting...


My gal-pal D-Money came in town for her birthday and a girls' night out on the town. Our conversation reverted to the kinds of topics you expect among women: new shoes, birth control and bad boyfriends.

A highlight of my evening: a hot guy asked for my digits. I'm not really expecting any fireworks there, but it certainly was a nice ego boost.

Speaking of fireworks, we managed to catch the Bellevue fireworks show. We were walking around Mt. Adams and saw the sparkles in the sky through some of the trees. Our little group managed to make it to a nice, little patio setting on the side of the hill to catch the action. We capped off the festivities with some sparklers I was carrying in my purse (you're never too old to play with sparklers). Who knows why I had them, but it was a fun way to regress back to being a kid again.

I spent Sunday out by the pool and now I am constantly putting lotion on because my maracas got a little crispy.

I guess I need to keep the sunblock on those babies...

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