Monday, July 31, 2006

One Liners

Saturday: The Purple People Bridge is a great place to sit and BS on the phone, and for the record that Bridge Climb thing really doesn't look like it's worth the money - I mean, really, you're only like 20 feet off the bridge (okay so this first one isn't really a one-liner but I get to make the rules here, don't I?)

Saturday: Carson Palmer looks good, and I'm not just talking about that Adonis smile and rockin' bod.

Saturday: Who knew Ben Affleck worked as a scruffed-out waiter in a cute, sophisticated wine bar in Hyde Park?

Sunday: I know of at least one Catholic church that needs to take a close look at some of the traditions and rules listed in Vatican II.

Sunday: Sitting in Ault park and watching the planes land at Lunken Airport is really cool.

Sunday: Aglamesis in Oakley is the best place to find some sweet relief from the sweltering temperatures this summer (my recommendation is a 1-2 combo of the Champagne Ice and Strawberry Ice).

Other random stuff:
The fam is packing up the Volvo and heading to Cincinnati next weekend. My parents are going house shopping and I am going to get to spend some time with my too-cool-for-school 19 year old sister. My plans: take her swimming, shopping and drinking at a party Saturday. I really am not a bad influence, I promise.

My pants are falling off me. I'm down three pounds and already I am already having to wear a belt, as I hate to be showing my whale tail.

This is not my ass, by the way (please take me to Jenny Craig if I'm ever in this dire situation). But it IS a picture that was taken in Paris, KY.



The Notorious N.A.T said...

Not your ass but it's totally mine!!!


Kate The Great said...

Stop, Nat. I know you are not that bad off. Last time I saw you, you weren't relegated to sweat pants...