Thursday, July 13, 2006

UPS and downs

10:30 am - Sad and crying because I found out my Uncle Joe died, and that my parents (after 17 months of trying) have sold the family house.

1:08 pm- Happy and cheering because I thought I scored four free tickets at work to the Poison/Cinderella concert. Rawk On! (ps... Nat - haven't you been listening to Poison lately?)

1:12- Bummed because Double Platinum found out the tickets weren't for news people

2:25- Frustrated because DP found out we were only going to get two tickets

3:00- Jazzed because Curly Girl said she had four free tickets and was only taking her aunt.

I really had no idea I would ever go to a Poison/Cinderella concert. I figure it will be a good opportunity to watch interesting people. I went home to get in to the proper attire - my jeans and a tight green T-shirt with a PBR logo on it.

I will keep you posted on any debauchery that may ensue.


NB-C said...

Please tell me that you teased your hair as well...and that your jeans were acid washed! I bought a Swatch watch the other day. Can you believe they still make them? No Swatch guards though, but I hear you can find those on eBay. The 80's were great! I love Poison and in my mind, Cinderella was a highly overlooked hair band. They don;t get near the props they deserve. Long Cold Winter was a rockin' album! Let me know how the show goes!

Unknown said...

My friends and I have a mandatory 80's concert every year. The last time Posion made the cut we saw a guy with long bleach blonde hair and a sparkily blue headband. You just can't beat people watching at one of those concerts.

Kate The Great said...

Oh, NB-C, no teased hair here. Let's not forget I am about two degrees away from White Girl Afro as it is. The humidity was so awful out there, I pretty much looked like I fell straight out of an Estill County trailer park. The frizzies were everywhere. On the Swatch front- had no idea they were still available. I remember when they conned our generation into believeing we needed more than one watch on an arm... yeah I bought into that, too.

KJ- I had a great time people watching. Some people took advantage of the night, dressing up in their full 80s regalia. Other people, well, you could tell their mullets and stonewash were, uh, everyday preferences.

The Notorious N.A.T said...

I am so jealous

Denae said...

Honey, i am SO sorry to hear about your uncle. I know you are anxious to have your parents living nearby but it is sad to say goodbye to the gorgeous community of M. Luv u!