Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pay It Forward

This is my favorite news story of the week so far.

A homeless man from Detroit is finding out that it pays to be honest.

Charles Moore, who found and turned in nearly $21,000 worth of U.S. savings bonds in the trash, has received rewards worth $4,000, The Detroit News reported Tuesday.

Moore, 59, was originally given $100 from the son of the deceased bond owner, but residents here and in other states decided that wasn't enough.

A Belleville man sent him eight trash bags full of bottle returns and a bowl of coins. Three people pledged a combined $2,500, while two Troy businessmen donated $1,200, a shopping spree at a men's clothing store and a lead on a job.

I was just talking with (or messaging with, I should say) Nat about good deeds and kindness and paying things forward and how that's really the way we leave our mark on the world. Forget the fancy cars, the big hyphenated job titles and the granite countertops.

None of that stuff can be shoved in the coffin with us.

The only thing we take with us to the Pearly Gates is our legacy, I just hope my family is proud of mine when I'm gone.

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JAB said...

I loved that story. One of our local radio news gals was talking about it. I was so glad to hear that someone thought more of him than the people he helped seemed to.

You are right about the legacy and I'm hoping to leave mine in my daugther. Her contribution to the world is the most important thing.