Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tuesday's Top Ten (A Day Late)

The Top Ten Things Kate Loves About A Great Date

10. That point in the date when he reaches for her hand.
9. The development of what becomes an inside joke.
8. The anticipation and eventual big deliver on a great kiss.
7. When he mentions the possibility of a future date before the evening is even over.
6. How something as simple as a wink from Kate can bring on such an amused reaction.
5. That Kate's date lets her know she's still cute, even when she's not all gussied up.
4. The discovery that chivalry is not dead.
3. When Kate's date gives her a compliment that indicates she might just be a little special to him.
2. The witty banter and silly teasing that Kate and her date can toss out. A little ribbing never hurt anyone, right?
1. The moment when Kate realizes she has never been more comfortable with a man.

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