Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cake for Breakfast and Other Princessisms

It's so hard living the good life.

You know, the life where everything comes easy and everything turns out your way. Just because you're one of the chosen ones.

Okay, so my life isn't really as smooth as other folks. My parents refuse to wave a magic wand and make it all better to satisfy my whims and wipe away all my mistakes.

But I must admit, my life is still pretty good, even when it's not.

This morning I started a temporary, one month shift change at work thanks to a shortage of producers on the roster. For the next few weeks I'll be heading out to work under the cover of night, rolling in to the office around one in the morning.

Most people might complain about the topsy turvy shift in their work schedule, but I am a pretty positive person and am discovering all kinds of good things about this temporary change.

The first one is the most obvious: Friday happy hours at noon. My morning show cronies and I are already cooking up our first of a month long of afternoon outings at the watering hole. There's something so satisfying about sipping on a cold dollar draft while the rest of the world is slaving away at work.

I also love the camaraderie that such a funky shift can foster. My morning crew greeted me with German chocolate cake in the control room this morning. You never know what cool treats people will bring in on the Graveyard Shift, and that's always sure to put a smile on my face.

The Morning Show shift means you have a pass to sleep whenever you want to. I can lay in bed all afternoon, catching glimpses of Marlena and John Black on Days of our Lives in between snores. Sometimes I like to catch my afternoon naps in a nearby park. It's a twofer: I get some sun and I get some sleep all at the same time.

I was a better Gym Bunny when I worked the morning show. My Gold's Gym is never crowded in the afternoon and I somehow found the time to sweat like a mean bitch (gosh, I haven't used that phrase in a while) when I was routinely working the overnight shift. Maybe this temporary shift will do wonders for my routine of reps and cardio training.

Okay, okay. So maybe I am really looking at this situation with rose colored glasses. Granted, I always try to look at things with a "glass half full" perspective, but the truth is there are lots of things I'm going to miss out on because of this temporary change. I'll have a tough time enjoying dinner with friends in the evening. I'll probably miss out on night time baseball games (though there are plans to hit a business person's special in August) and I won't be able to visit my other week night hot spots around town.

Such are the trade offs for having an excuse to drink in the afternoons...

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