Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shock and Awe

That's exactly what I'm feeling after hearing the latest bombshell:

Cincinnati ranks 26th in the nation for single people.

The nice people at Forbes have upgraded their list of hotspots for the smart, sexy and single, and apparently the Queen City has more to offer than originally thought.

Our town gets a boost in rankings because of its nightlife (apparently #1 in the nation) and its cost of living (#9).

Columbus checks in a little better, 11th in the nation thanks to it's great culture, nightlife and affordability.

Other notes about the list: #1 Denver. I've heard great things about this town. A news manager there was chasing me down for a couple years and we could never sync up. I kind of like the idea of a casual, fun loving town where everybody wears The North Face and Birkenstocks.

#2 Boston. I would move to this city in a New York Minute. Beantown has so much to offer and I try to get there (or the Big Apple) every time I go home to Connecticut. I love the food, I love the history, I love the attitude. The Red Sox aren't bad, either.

#5 New York. So many people in the Five Burroughs say it's hard to find love, what with the millions and millions of people all jam packed there. I say love can be found anywhere. New York is exciting 24 hours a day, and my favorite places to go are the Village and SoHo. You never know who you're going to see.

#14 Minneapolis-St. Paul. These towns rock. A young romance flourished many many moons ago in the Twin Cities - 31 years later my parents are still happy together with three kids. I lived in Minneapolis for four years when I was a kid, and I really enjoyed the lakes and the sledding with my dad. My parents loved going to all kinds of restaurants and the Guthrie Theatre, an award winning cultural mecca in Minnesota.

#20 Providence. I always liked this town. Again - seafood, lots of water, and you are close to so many cool spots (Newport. Boston. Cape Cod. Martha's Vineyard. Nantucket. Block Island my favorite).


The Notorious N.A.T said...

So my hometown, I saw as well, fared in at numero 11. It really has become such a great place, maybe I should have moved home after the big D...

Then again, how could one leave all this...

Kate The Great said...

All this, indeed. I was talking to some Lex folks last weekend who are ready to throw in the towel. I must say, though, I really do miss nights at Atomic/Cheapside/McCarthys/Lynaughs/Harveys/Gambinos/Shamrocks/Oscars/Harrys/Charlie Browns/Buddy's/Marikkas/Big Blue Martini/Annabelles/Rosebud/Nicholsons/Busters/141/Redmonds.


A) I went to lots of bars in Lex.
B) That list is longer than my list of bars in Cincy.

Nat, sometimes I'm very jealous of where you live...