Friday, July 28, 2006

Back To The Whole Shoes Thing

Chris Glass posted a link to this most hilarious piece on You Tube.

D-Money, Big Blue Blood, GOP Big Wig, NB-C and Nat, I think you all will especially enjoy it.

Chris, that piece was a great way to start my weekend. Much thanks!

While on You Tube you might want to check out these other great videos:

I love it when this guy rips his pants off and smells his armpits.

This video is so wrong, but I loved it so much. Jesus as a Disco Star?

Some things on You Tube are like a car wreck, you don't want to watch but you can't turn away.

I can't believe Hasselhoff looks like one of my college boyfriends, Richie Walsh. Cheese alert.

If President Bush sees this he is going to want to open a cabinet dedicated to teaching people around the world how to ride bikes.

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